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Shipping Thailand Motorbike Blog is a lot of good advice, a detailed description of how the sea freight and air freight works for the vehicles. Because, however, this remains a special case. Our team approved by the most reliable shipping line, will give you a lot of tips and especially explain you how to shipping motorbike from Thailand. Our shipping thailand motorbike blog  will make all steps clear for you.

First of all you must packing you motorbike, as well the packing must be different if you want sent by sea or by air freight.

Packing motorbike sea freight and air freight

shipping thailand motorbike blogBy sea and for your motorbike, at LWS logistics we use strong wood for creat your wooden crate, a nice strapping, calling and bubble wrap, we moreover make the fumigation of your wooden box for you to be relaxed with the regulation at destination, we handle with care until the stuffing inside the container, always here for take care your motorbike.

All motorbike by air freight, we takes the time to analyze the kind of motorcycle because even the big brands like BMW, provide crates very optimized to minimize the size and therefore the cost of air freight. Protective case made of steel, plastic or wood.

LWS logistics are mostly here to advise you.

Customs clearance motorbike finally export

For export your motorbike LWS before the customs clearance will control all part of your export declaration. For all finally exports, the owner of motorbike have to apply a canceled the registration at the land of transport in Thailand.
If you wish to sent your motorbike from Thailand to anywhere.

Customs clearance ATA carnet motorbike ( Travel clearance )

For allow you to make a trip with your bike and come back to Thailand you can also apply a ATA Carnet. ATA carnet will give you free duty and vat for you to traveling through countries while being exempt of tax. That said you probably will have a deposit to pay depending on the value of the motorcycle, this deposit will be refund when the motorbike come back on original country. The process of ATA carnet take a bit long.  For apply for you a ATA carnet is a bit delicate for us because we are freight forwarder and is to owner to contact the customs department in Thailand and apply. As you want we will accompanied you with a Thai translate specialized on freight, all we be done easily for you.

For know more about customs clearance for cargo in general click here.