How the shipping from thailand work

For make your shipping from thailand to around the world, available for goods from suppliers, house removal also a vehicles.
Our advice, will make whatever you want shipping from Thailand clear and easy created by shipping from thailand under LWS logistics .
You have something to sent out Thailand and want know more about the process, how is work and how much is will cost you. First of all you have to decide what types of transportation . Moreover as below the delay times example for the Air and Sea freight.

Shipping from Thailand with Air freight 

Door to door 2 to 7 days around the world since the depart and Airport to Airport 1 to 3 days if transit since the depart. 

Shipping from Thailand by Sea freight  

Intra asia can be 5 days with a direct vessel while do Europa in 45 days since the depart but due to often of ships transit to a port , Kelang in Malaysia, Singapore hence they unload the ship containers by containers and load again, only when the news ship will be available.

Transit time example for Australia 20 – 25 days for the less container load ( containers sharing) but In full container load 20 foot direct vessel, the ships seems like be at port in 12 to 15 days only. Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

All sea freight cargo is subject to customs clearance and subject also that the ship departs on times, in conclusion this is a solution for people who one of the time.


Shipping from Thailand Trucking service


  •  Cross border, for shipping from thailand to China, Malaysia, Cambodia, the LTL less truck load is a very good way, probably the best one.
  • Intra Thailand for accompagnied also your freight for one cubic meters to much more, medium truck, trailler containers or maibe trucks with crane.

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Shipping from thailand

Shipping from Thailand, your vehicles

Shipping from thailand to another country  or trought your country will be probably a big task.

-We learned also that –

For a shipping from thailand to another country in case of vehicles .What you have to know for shipping a vehicle around the world and from Thailand.

Temporaly import

You will traveling with your vehicle accros the country but also with limit time per country while two kinds of export and import, is often used for vehicle shipping from thailand your vehicles or in thailand consequently we advice a ATA carnet.

Under either

1. ATA carnet furthermore a import temporaly ( can traveling with your vehicle accros the country with limit time per country) .

2. Direct form with customs of temporal import ( depend of the customs regulation in country of import )

  • ATA carnet moreover must be make by owner at origin country of the vehicle.
  • A Direct form can be make it by customs broker or freight forwarder.

Import vehicles at destination

Final import

For shipping from thailand your vehicles furthermore a definitive import on a country of destination

 For shipping vehicle from thailand owned in Thailand 


1. The form and regulation of customs at arrival country

  • The owner must contact the land of transport in Thailand for deleted the Registration of the vehicle .
  • Provide a scan copy of the green book .
  • For sent by sea freight the owner must do a epaperless at customs. 

At destination 

The importation law depend of the country of destination, you can also find another kinds of import who is much suited for you. 

FYI Some forwarders reject to clear customs for the vehicle,  some forwarder simply refuse personal effects, This is due to their corporate policy and knowledge, nothing to get worry . The real thinks you have to know and be carefull are , the vehicle can be very high taxed on some country more than 300% of the valor beware .

Shipping from Thailand, your vehicles ok, but what happen at destination ?


Three ways to check and to know 

You will anyway clear your cargo consequently.

– Customs Broker process are especially relevant-
– Freight forwarder

For the last option hum. Forget it, better ask to be recommended by your freight forwarder has export.

Easy done, thank you LWS logistics.

Shipping from thailand