How ocean freight thailand work ?

In this ocean freight thailand blog, i will give you many tips and explain you how the ocean freight work .

Our company is in Thailand but from another country that’s seems working globally same , especially for the LCL container sharing, for you to not be surprise with an extra fee at arrival, you can read my post until the end.

For resume our advice for your cargo by sea freight :

Be careful for the charges with LCL ( less container load, container sharing) provided by ocean freight, the rate will be very cheap or in your budget at export but when the container arrived the co-loader in your destination country will charge you a fee by cbm also especially spicy.

And this is available in all country for ocean freight LCL.

This is Ocean freight and co-loader policy , the freight will be charged in too many step at export and import but in bigger two-part is to foresee.

Example : from china to Thailand based on 5 cbm

Export China : ocean freight charges ( 50 usd per cbm ) so 250 usd + export charges with trucking 300 usd

Ok that’s nice 550 usd for 5 cbm .

And when is here at destination what happen ?

Import Thailand : freight charges import( 80 usd per cbm + cleaning + demurage charges ect.. )

Moreover you have to find again a freight forwarder who will make the import and process
import charges and trucking = 350 usd

How much cost Ocean freight thailand

These fee Based and charged by CBM so if you have more than 2 cbm you can understand is will not be unimportant.

For understand better the sea freight by container sharing,

Explain schedule for the ocean freight

1. The co-loader make pay 20, 40 or even 150 (usd per cbm ) to your freight forwarder at export country.
ok, that’s fine and then ?
2 The vessel arrived at destination, the co loader at export will contact the co-loader in import and you will be charged some hundred dollars, less or more – per cbm in the final port.
Moreover you have to pay a clearance import + duty, vat and final delivery.

Also all cargo by sea freight is subject to customs inspection fee if any*

For resume, the sea freight look cheap when is going but at arrival you will be surprised in conclusion ask a freight forwarder agent like LWS logistics.

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