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Lws logistics Thailand.

Multi modal freight service
departure Bangkok.

Multi modal freight by Lws logistics in Bangkok. National and international service. We plan road and organize your freight operation the best way. Free quotation within 24 hours.

LWS is qualified to provide multi modal freight offers.

To allow you to combine the time and money we offer you a complete range of new transport, to the great satisfaction of our customers. Compared to a full ocean freight transport,
you will save time, and a reserve on the cost of air freight which is not overlooked by today.It is still a good compromise for small or large companies that needs a solution with several transport. We can make your shipments in some cases,temporary imports which will allow you not to pay expenses such as duty and goes on your property but your merchandise must return whence it comes, we will be happy to give you details and explanations to implement this.

We have set up a large group of effective agents for import and export, we will expense all stages of your send even the most difficult and extensive will be managed thanks to our experience. We will oversee every aspect of your shipment. Since a packing ultra secure to finally arrive
at the place of your choice and we can even make unpacking.

To enable your business to gain an advantage by contributing to your competitor you to develop and build a recurring relationship with the import and export all flows.
We will gladly make all your application in every detail and clarification. Since all the beginning of the procedure we will do all the necessary steps.
We are professionals of freight also internationally and we know all these aspects respond to particular situations such as yours.

We guarantee a simple and easy Multi modal freight and customs clearance for you.
Ask for a quote to confirm the eligibility of your shipment, we will study the norms of international for you and we will even adapt the package.
Our team is multilingual and we will explain all the steps.

Ask us more details!

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