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International house removal by Lws logistics in Bangkok. We handle your international relocation from door to door with simplicity and transparency. Free quotation within 24 hours.

LWS Logistics International house moving

LWS logistics enables you to benefit from the experience and know-how of its international network of logistics partners to ensure that you move internationally to or from Asia. The house removals are a stressful but exciting choice at a time. Thanks to our carefully logistics operation, you can rely on us knowing that all the steps of your international move are taken care of quickly and efficiently from the packaging and removal of your goods to their delivery in full Security at your new address. That said when it comes to moving to the international, is better now to have the heart good hang. between simplicity and expense all this needs to be supervised by a professional so LWS stretches are highly personalized activity and freight for local or international removals we will be able to offer you a convenient, all-inclusive and without effort on your part may configuration you relax and wait for your goods at home quietly. We can provide as well comprehensive services including a packing and unpacking or simply a classic delivery, of course this will not be the same so not share the same price, but we assure reliable, highly personalized price on your request and we make it also economical.

Our offer for removals

Once your inspection and specifications are, we plan your sent with the dates that suit you. We will provide the necessary space to meet your needs whether it be a container, trucks, boxes or large cargo by wooden crates or pallets, Air or Sea freight. We also take care of all the steps and formalities (logistics, transport, customs …) in order to ensure a safe and secure removal of your belongings, with a global or personalized services package. We will charge your goods and unloading all with safety and take care of your property to ensure no damage to your satisfaction. It said that the loading and unloading seem big job, it is reminiscent of the significant costs that you can use to personalize your new home, because it’s always nice to save money and through our work with local staff we can make you smile so it remains affordable. We would be delighted to meet you, take measurement, photos and organize all your removals with great care. You could also talk with our old customers to ask their opinion about our services, and we know when the job is finnish you also join our happy customers. Go now is the time to request a free quote.

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