Cargo handling on LWS logistics blog for all specific kinds of merchandise, very heavy, very bulky. Unload you from any hassle for your cargo, we are here for handle it. Our team is here keep in touch.

cargo handling

Thailand cargo handling

Handling a cargo can be a biggest operation,  That’s why we talk about it in our blog also necessarily based on international shipping freight .
Heavy goods, huge volume or both LWS logistics moves everything and everywhere. Whether handling for vehicles, tons of gravel, dangerous goods, fresh produce, we have the solution and skills, human or material that allow us. We propose all handling services for your cargo whatever your need trolleys, forklift, transpallets moreover if needed with a crane.
We also offer a truck service with integrated crane in the front with this kinds of truck you will be able to lift more than 9 tons in one time, moreover in return for the peoples who need, some truck will be able to cash much more. LWS logistics also here at your listening for handling your cargo with moreover hundred per cent of satisfactions.



Forklift cargo handling

Warehouse equipped with four forklift, we easily handle all your pallet or wooden box, every day and with all the safety of the european standards. For all movement of cargo we are rigorous.
All this for your satisfaction.


Humains cargo handling

You will be surprised to how easy is it to load a motorbike even with a wooden crate. Six people up to two hundred kilos in one package, you can count on our team to lift and transport your property. Thai more than muscular our team is there.

Truck crane handling

LWS booking various kinds of truck with crane or without. Often in this case the truck have a crane on front. With two pillars in the front arm of the truck, which makes it possible to stabilize the machine to raise in all safety. Loading with this truck in one times until 9 tons, we can also propose some truck with just a crane integrated on middle much more powerfull. 

Carefully handling

Our team especially trained for the house removal will handling with much care possible all your personal and precious effects.
First of all we will come to do a review of your goods. To allow us to make the maximum for you and moreover to work with the serenity and tranquility of high-end movers.
LWS movers team is here now,
feel free to contact us.