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Exports Air cargo Thailand service

Air cargo thaïland service, at LWS we manage your air cargo project with a unbelivable realibility, consolidation or pallets (ULD), scheduled or chartered flight, door to door or at your favorite airport. First of all we will take a look and information about your shipment, we must know the size, approx weight, commodity, kinds of packing after that we will propose you a Express or economic shipping with the best carrier, airline who are the most suited to your request, size commodity, weight per package and airport concerned are the information pivot for provide you a competive proposal. LWS Logistics Air cargo thailand service but not only because we take care all needed as from a packing very safe and personalized futhermore a extra trucking classic or with crane for the most heavy goods you have to move. Special goods, dry, dangerouse cargo or general cargo For comercial exports we can take care the shipping for 98% of goods no matter the kinds, fruit, foods, batteries or vehicles can be sent as well, sure we will have to show white hands and provide some documents, licence or certification but LWS Logistics are there for help and manage it.

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LWS Logistics team are online, contact us from our website by the contact form, by phone or meet us at our office, we will be glady to talk, to place a meeting and take a look on your cargo, at home if any moreover this allow us to understand clearly and kickly your request. So, the LWS Logistics team's are here. Our smilling team are happy to advice you for your shipping by air, cargo from thailand to all destinations around the world. Contact us now and get your air cargo quote.